We provide legal and consulting advise on securities markets.

Our advice is rendered from the perspective of having worked as managers and advisors of financial firms. The above makes us specially practical and aware of risks. Below a description of some of our services.


Atela Securities Lawyers provides:

  • Structure and internal control ap analysis and compliance extent.
  • Plan of action to implant corrective measures, urgent, if any.
  • Application, control and assessment of manuals and procedures to prevent risk of non-compliance.
  • Top management reporting.
  • Design of educational program addressed to employees as requested by applicable law.

Atela Securities Lawyers offers a close and flexible service to clients adapted to its needs. We are a complement to the client´s organization.

Implantation of new regulations

The current regulatory storm is paralyzing financial entities. Atela Securities Lawyers assists business to assimilate and implement new regulations. This effort could be simplified with tools and methodologies as the Program of Adaptation to Regulation (PAR). The PAR is an instrument that:

  • Lists with detail all obligations mandatory, for example, for asset managers.
  • Enables the systematic identification of obligations, be it complied with, in progress or pending.
  • Eases prioritization of targets and tentative dates.
  • Documents compliance with rigorous a methodology.
  • Refers to the regulation of origin providing, if necessary, reference to other regulations through hidden comments.
  • Allow visualization of progress according to the desired timing.
  • Provides gap analysis of the business in relation with a specific regulation.

Atela Securities Lawyers further offers:

  • Design of action plan to ensure compliance.
  • Training in relevant areas to cope with new regulation.
  • Reports to top management on the impact and development of new regulations.

Secretarial services and corporate transactions

Governance and compliance reforms have transformed secretarial work of companies of the financial market. Documentation of the governing bodies of companies must evidence matters such as the prudent and regular risk management, assessment of internal regulatory system and compliance or follow up of internal audit. Longstanding experience in the sector, both as managers and advisors, familiarity with different entities, common sense and risk sensibility are the foundations to a sound secretarial service.

Corporate compliance

The most recent criminal regulations oblige businesses to set up efficient systems of supervision and control to prevent crime. The VW case

From Atela Securities Lawyers we offer to:

  • Perform the risk mapping of the business.
  • Draft and update manuals, policies and procedures on the decision making process without overwhelming
  • Set and manage models and policies that prevent crime execution.
  • Built whistleblowing mechanisms.
  • Set disciplinary measures for non-compliance.
  • Periodic verification of the compliance program and amendment when changes in the organization occur.
  • Review of current systems and procedures to prevent crime  and therefore corporate liability.

The above, is performed with the minimum disruption and consumption of internal resources.

European Collective Investment Schemes

Channelize compliance of local obligations of European funds and sicavs when being marketed in Spain. Atela Securities Lawyers offers:

  • Assistance in the registration process with our local Securities Commission.
  • Designated entity for Circular 2/2011 purposes.

Other practice areas relevant for securities market firm are aml, market abuse privacy and personal data.