The financial sector has been transformed into an extraordinary regulated sector.

Financial firms, asset managers and independent financial advisors are subject to great regulatory pressure. Recently they have been obliged to adapt to new regulations such as MiFID I, UCITS IV, FATCA, to new anti-money laundering updates or news on personal data, privacy or EMIR.

Regulatory pressure will increase in the following years as advanced by the European Union plans. In the next few years, among other, the following regulations will be implanted: MiFID II, UCITS V, the IV AML Directive, Common Reporting Standards or CRS, Target 2 Securities, etc.

Governance and compliance have become priorities in the financial sector.

The implantation of metrics has become an indispensable tool to ensure compliance, this is a task that has grown in complexity. Large companies have increased their compliance and legal staff accordingly. However, medium and small companies confront a disproportionate regulation by extent and complexity. Even without noticing it, companies risk their future in the correct implantation of regulation. Whenever there are inspections, client complaints or simply minor operative incidents anticipation and sound compliance become critical. Not a paralyzing and labyrinth-like compliance but a proportionate and common sense compliance.

A highly specialized and continuous advice is recommendable. Sensible advise that channelizes and documents compliance.

Practical advise, far from theoretical abstractions is necessary. Prevention of the frequent paper floods is important. In short, it is critical to manage regulation with adjusted costs and the continuous construction of intellectual capital.

Atela Securities Lawyers is a different firm; highly specialized and with longstanding practical experience in the sector.

At Atela Securities Lawyers we have

  • Implanted regulation such as MiFID, UCITS IV, FATCA or EMIR from scratch.
  • Established governance and AML in financial entities execu
  • Coped with all sorts of inspections from different regulators and sanction procedures.
  • Advised on crisis of financial entities, some with poor regulatory implementation.
  • Advised on all sorts of securities issuance, particularly for small and medium enterprises.
  • Perform the role of president/ director and/or secretary of the board of directors of financial entities, committees and sub-committees.

We are craftsman of the law and work hand in hand with our clients. We provide resolutory and targeted advise to the needs of our clients that allows them to focus on their business.